Sunday, 7 December 2014

Interview with...

I did an interview this week with ‘Theresbeenamurder blog’, quite a compelling blog and worth a look, so if you have time, click the image below, or click here, and also have a read at the interview while there:

Monday, 17 November 2014

Punisher Out Now!

Punisher, the novel.

Well, after another change of cover, this final cover a wee bit lighter (the original was too dark in some ebook readers), Punisher is now published in both print and ebook form. Available from Amazon, in both paperback and ebook, or Barnes & Noble in paperback, it can be found at Amazon here, and at B & N here, where more information about the book is available, as well as a preview before purchase if desired.

If you can't wait to even click the link above, then start reading the excerpt below...

The place had stunk of death the first time he had entered it. The vileness seeped up from deep underground, seeking air and found it through the grated iron drain in the corner. Nothing could be done about the smell, which came from ancient sewers that ran under the river, and was why the place had lain empty for years, and why he had been able to rent it for such a pittance.

To store his boat was the purpose of the lease, and the closed trailer with the two man canoe inside, had been reversed in the first day. His blue van was parked alongside, the depth of the arch not sufficient for them to be parked trailered together.

Of course the two headless bodies propped in the corner didn't do much to lessen the stench in the place, but neither did they add to it, which was one of the reasons why the railway arch was so attractive a location for what he was undertaking. The arch was one of a series, bricked up both sides, a large bay door on the street side, with a small access door built into that, and rented out by the rail track authority, who owned the railway viaduct. The fact that the railway bridge traversed across the river Clyde made the place even more appealing.

He locked the door behind him, removed his jacket and placed it on a hook of the trailer, and donned his gloves and overalls, then pulled a plastic carrier bag over each shoe and secured it with rubber bands. He grabbed hold of the first body, and hooking his hands under the arms of the headless corpse, lifted it off the floor and swung it against the metal table along the wall.

Heavy bastard, he thought, even without a head. He struggled, gasping for breath, but eventually heaved the body onto the table. The tools he required were already set out, 

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Punisher Cover

Finally finished the final final, absolutely final, proofreading of Punisher, and even finalised the cover. The novel should be available in both print and ebook from Friday 14th November. Blurb below!

When the decapitated heads of an adult male and a young female are discovered in Glasgow, Detectives McBruce and Cartle are mystified. Until YouTube footage of both victims beheaded live on video are brought to their attention.

As they investigate, horrific consequences come to light, not only around the two murders in question, but of past events steeped in tragedy and cruelty, and how the abusive happenings over the years in a Childrens Home can lead to a fractured sense of morality.

Is all evil bad, may be a question for the fields of religion and psychology. One man though has answered that question himself, and regards the evil he does, not as cruel and murderous, but justice.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Taster of What's to Come

Did a little more work on the website and my titles, gone now is When Pigs Fly Does Mud Fall As Rain. The tales within are in a second edition of Rat Race Nights which now contains over forty short stories and prose pieces, and for the same great price!

I have also reinstated sales on Amazon and put up links to such, so follow the Amazon link on the website, or click here, and have a gander if you have a compatible device. If you prefer print, all titles are now also available there on paperback.

Finishing tweaks are being done to the Punisher novel, and I hope to have this up for sale at the start of November, so check back soon, taster below:

He walked slowly back to the van, hands behind his back, cradling the hammer, and the approaching footsteps from around the corner almost became a crescendo, although in reality, they were a mere pitter-patter. The blood was coursing to his head, the tension was becoming unbearable. She walked round the corner and away from him.

It wasn't her. It was a he, a middle aged man, wearing a rain jacket, even in this hot evening, with some bus company logo emblazoned on the back. Some man coming home from work at the bus company. The man was so engrossed with texting someone on a mobile that he had not even noticed the van, or him, or the fatal danger he may just have avoided.

As he receded in the distance, another sound of footsteps came along the lane. How fucking busy can the damn lane be at this time of night? He repeated his actions of before, walked up a bit, turned and began to move to the van again. As he drew close to the side door, it was her, this time, that reached the end of the lane and turn towards him. He felt like grinning, he was elated. His arms behind his back, baseball cap on his head, dark t-shirt and black jeans and trainers, he walked towards her red t-shirt and blue jeans. As he was almost within striking distance, something changed in her expression, a note of caution she felt, or something she noticed, a warning from a tingling sense that something was not right with this stranger coming towards her, at this time of night, in this way, in this location. It was too late. He swung the hammer, struck her above the right eye, she fell like a stone, no time to cry out, or raise an arm in defence.

He pushed the side door fully open, threw in the hammer, then hefted her stunned body, and practically threw her into the van.

A quick look up and down the street. No witnesses, no alarm bells, not even a dog barking anywhere. No curtains twitched either side of the street. He got in the back of the van with her, and slid the door closed. Although she was still groggy and unaware yet of her surroundings or danger, he lifted the hammer from where it had landed, placed it next to him, then grabbed the roll of gaffer tape, the first strip put over her mouth, quietened her moaning, then he rolled her over, grabbed her arms together, no resistance at all, and rolled the tape around her wrists several time. He did the same with her legs. The bag was still over her shoulder, trapped there now, but that didn't matter. When he was happy she was secure, he felt at her neck for a pulse, it was strong enough. He pushed her further back in the van so he could open the door and no one would see her if they happened a glance in. There was no danger of that though, the street was still empty. A quick rifle in her bag found her mobile phone, and switched it off. Another scout up and down the street, still clear, he secured the door, got in the driving seat and moved off slowly. The entire operation, he noted, from arriving at the kerbside, to leaving with his target, was seven minutes. That must be some kind of record.

(Read the rest of Punisher on release, available from November 2014 - check my website for the latest news).

Monday, 13 October 2014

Shiny Happy Website...

I spent the past few days completely renovating the website. I wanted a simple theme with a modern outlook, and I'm quite pleased with the result. Finally the new site went live last night. Although there are some tweaks still to do, and bits and pieces still to add, the site is more or less finished, apart that is, from planned regular and routine updates. Click on the image to visit.

Also, I redid the book covers on both Fractured in this Killing Scene, and Stories of Joe, more information of which can be found on the website.

There is still time also to grab a free copy of my novel Silhouettes from Smashwords. Just use the code AS45N - This is for a limited time only, so don't delay. You enter the code prior to completing the checkout. More information on the novel is on the Smashwords page here. It is available for download in all popular ebook formats.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Novel, Silhouettes, now published.

Finally got around to publishing Silhouettes on ebook. At the moment it is available at Smashwords here, but soon will be available at all major ebook stores. It is available in all popular ebook formats. A brief description below for anyone who hasn't been following the serialisation in the blog.

There is a CIA Agent, undercover in Scotland, A disturbed individual, who regards the Agent as an alien. A few Cybernats, A couple of CID police officers, and the novel takes place over a short period of time during the current political situation in Scotland, in the run up to the referendum for independence.

The book opens with Dave Stuart, an undercover CIA Agent in Scotland, sent to investigate Cybernats; who they are, and what bearing they may have regarding US interests, especially if Scotland becomes an independent country. Simon Parker is a disturbed young man who has started off by murdering a young female student, and as the novel progresses, his madness becomes more apparent. He sees the poet Tennyson in periods of stress, and interprets pieces of verse as instructions. He is also convinced Dave Stuart is an alien on earth. He commits more murders as the book progresses.

It is not all horror and political intrigue; there is some humour in there also!
Silhouettes Cover

For a limited time, for a free copy of Silhouettes, visit my facebook page for a Smashwords coupon code. Enter the code prior to completing the checkout for your free copy.

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Song Remains the Same, or does it?

The Song Remains the Same, or does it?

Scotland had the chance yesterday to take control of its own destiny, and despite over 1.6 million voters choosing the YES option on the ballot paper for independence, 2.0 million Scots opted to remain in the union with the UK. Did those 2.0 million vote for more austerity, budget cuts, benefit cuts, a privatised NHS and tuition fees in Scotland. I think most did not...

So, where do we go from here? Well, we all have to accept the result of the referendum and life goes on. We can all bask in the glory of a democratic vote that had an average of 85% of the electorate making the trip to the voting booth, and be proud of the youth of Scotland getting and using the vote for the first time. Despite the fact that Better Together prevailed and London rule remains, they got their result with promises of substantial more powers for the Scottish parliament. We can only now wait and see if these powers are delivered, in the timetable promised, and if they are worth having, for it was not only the 1.6 million that wanted change, the 2.0 million who voted to trust in Westminster will also be expecting promised change, and a change that will improve their lives in Scotland.

Much can be said and analysed about how each campaign was run, and that will no doubt be argued over when the dust settles. The main focus in this day, and in the days ahead, will be for everyone to come together, no matter what way they voted, and put Scotland, and the people of Scotland, first.

Change will be coming, 3.6 million people who voted in Scotland expect it, and will be watching and waiting for it coming down the line. Westminster politics will also be changing. It has to change. 20th century politics are out of date in the 21st. The pro-unionists parties should note this well. The people of Scotland will be watching, and waiting.