Friday, 16 December 2011

Fractured in this Killing Scene

Fractured in this Killing Scene is now also available in paperback from my eStore and should be on Amazon USA in the next week or so.

Rab and Tam are two Jack the Lads who like fun, women, and drink, in whatever order they appear. Unfortunately, they are unready yet to face the challenges and responsibilities that confront them in adult life.
Each has their own major situation to contend with, and how they each cope and come to terms with these challenges dictates the kind of people they will eventually become...
Fractured In This Killing Scene takes us on a journey through a society where violence, death, bullying, and a lack of opportunities, leads to indifference and apathy. However dark life becomes though, there is always a spark of light and humour that ignites anew a faith in humanity and the world.

Click cover image, or click HERE to go to the store for more details.

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