Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Is it possible to write a book in one day?

Is it possible to write a book in one day?

Yes, it is, I did it, and not only did I write it in one day, I sent a draft copy to a few respected people, got enough positive feedback that I decided to publish. So, I edited it the following day, proof read it the next day and designed the cover, and today, four days later it is now a published work and can be bought in paperback.

But, that is not possible, surely?

Ah, but it is, and here is the book below. If there is enough interest I may do a step by step on the blog on how I did it. Of course, it is not a novel, it is a book of inspiration, at least to me, and hopefully to others, and I would think most people would appreciate something in the text.

Here is the blurb!

This is a book to hopefully encourage and inspire. This is not designed as a self-help book, or a book that will change your life, or even a book that will help anyone to come to terms with difficulties in their own life at this particular moment in time.
I wrote this book as an inspiration to myself, and as I believe it to help me in that regard, then perhaps it may do the same for others who read it.
Everyone is welcome to take as much or as little from the text as they want. There is nothing religious, or fundamentally godly in anyway whatsoever in this text, except perhaps, in the general message which I would like to convey to anyone that would listen, and that is to be nice to other people, and respect other people, and hope that in doing so you will be liked and respected in return. Inspire and encourage others, and in return, you may be inspired and encouraged yourself.
I wish you well.

And here is the book:
 I hope to bring out an eBook version soon, but at least for this week anyway, it is only available in paperback!

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