Wednesday, 7 December 2011

When Pigs Fly Does Mud Fall As Rain?

Sometimes, you notice that a few years have gone by and you still haven't got round to creating that website and putting all your leisurely ramblings on the ether to the view and critique of the rest of the world. A year or two later, and you decide to make that particular enterprise a priority, after all, time is moving on...

Distractions abound; other necessities of life conspire to drain you of time, and edge you not so gently forward along another path. It dawns on you at last that you will never get around to doing what you thought was so essential in your youth, so you let more time drift by, and pretty soon, all is forgotten except once in a while a nagging sensation of positivity comes forth to the surface of the mind, it is now the time for action!

So, leap forward approximately twenty years, yes, twenty, more or less, and probably for most of what is on this site at the moment, more rather. The recklessness of youth has gone, replaced with a middle age of knowledge of what responsibility and commonsense are; still little knowledge of much else perhaps, but nevertheless, a bit of creative drive still exists and is gushing forth as the development of this website will justify.

Preamble over, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, what is it all about? Well, posted within, are some of my early creative writing efforts, including short stories, poetry, and novel writing. Please peruse to your hearts content and hopefully something in the prose may strike a chord in your heart, or affect you in some sort of way that does more good than harm to your emotional state. Hopefully you will return and journey with me as the site, and my writing develops. If one or two do so, then I will deem this project worthwhile, thank you.

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