Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rabid Mad-Dogs Attack Alex Salmond & Scottish Independence Drive

The joint mad-dog attack with negativity everything about independence by the Tory-Lib-Lab pact is proving as effective a campaign as a turkey vote for Christmas. Despite what Westminster United tries to portray, the Scottish people are intelligent sensible-thinking people, once they see the true figures, see the real choice before them, and gauge what future is best for their families and the country they live and work in, a yes vote is a certainty, in my mind. I'm sure over the months ahead, as more and more positive information regarding independence comes to light, and more anti-myths are dispelled, the people of Scotland will vote with their hearts, vote with their brains, and just as importantly, vote for their country.

As an example of the mad-dog attack, The democratically elected First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has been compared to, Slobodan Milosevic, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, Caligula, Ceausescu, Genghis Khan, and Nero, to mention a few. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad, and in case you find this situation as ridiculous as I do, click here, for more details. I suppose, if nothing else, Alex Salmond must have a good sense of humour, and in reality, he may not be Saint Alex, but his party, the SNP, with him at the top have done some pretty remarkable stuff since the advent of devolution. I was asked by a good friend the other day, "What have the SNP done for us?" Once I put the 'Life of Brian' line of "What have the Romans ever done for us?" out of my mind, I rhymed off a few lines. Then I thought of a few more, then I began to think, I should make a list there are so many things the SNP has done for us.

I'm not going to make a numbered list, the point of this rambling of mine is not to promote the SNP (blatantly, at least), you're as capable as me as doing a quick internet search, or just click some of the links below to discover some details. The main point of this rant, if you like, is the viciousness and negativity in which the unionist parties at Westminster have gotten together, held hands, and despite their own, so called, political differences, rounded on the First Minister of Scotland like a pack of blood thirsty hounds ripping a small furry creature to bits. First, I wonder at the vitriol of it, then I wonder at the reason for it, and then I begin to understand it. They are running scared, and backed into a corner, they have decided to join forces and attack, for they see attack, not sensible debate, as the best form of defence.

Apart from verbal assaults on the First Minister of Scotland, we hear nonsense about post-independence border controls and patrols, passports required to move from Scotland to England and back. We hear how Scotland will never survive on it's own, we'll be a poverty ridden third world country harking back to the good old days of the UK, and that is probably after the raft of military invasions we have to endure - from whom, I haven't a clue, because we will be no longer be armed to the teeth with fast jets, trident nukes, and warehouses full of cruise missiles. Then there's the economic propaganda, few reserves of oil left, we'll scare away foreign investment, get kicked out the EU, be refused to use the Sterling currency, I could go on and on, but already I feel ridiculous even bringing some of this stuff up, never mind the fact that it is so called intelligent people and politicians that are spouting this fear-mongering vomit in the first place.
"Ever since the independence referendum was announced, Scotland has witnessed an outpouring of bile, negativity, scare mongering and bitterness from the anti-independence parties." Paul T Kavanagh has written an excellent and far more in-depth and detailed list of scare stories, myths and misinformation here, a must read for every sensible Scot, and anyone with an interest in Scotland.

So, why are they doing it? Why libel, slander, and malign a democratically elected First Minister, and why debase the Scottish independence referendum debate with such tales of woe and fear and uncertainty? Why try to infer the fact that the people of Scotland are incapable of running and organising their own affairs in a sensible and intelligent way? Well, Meja couldn't state it more clearly than me when she sings, "It's All About the Money". I'm in ignorance as to why the Swedish songstress wrote this song, but the lyrics are, to me, quite apt, in regards to the attacks emanating from Westminster. In the halls of the UK seat of Government, they forget all about austerity, that word only applies to the plebs outside London. Where the money is, they have dictionaries that don't include words like, austerity, equality, fairness, democracy. Someone though, in that Empire class, has borrowed a book that has those words, and passed it around, and the panic is setting in, for a long established way of life may be coming to an end rather more sharply, and shortly, than they may have imagined, if they did ever contemplate it ending at all. Once Scotland goes, the English shires will want some of this new democracy for themselves, and that will mean London having to cut up the pie a little more, and offer to the north and west and the south-west of England more than the few crumbs from the table they are only ever given. Without Scotland to blame as the subsidy-junkies over the border bleeding them all dry, the English outside of London will see where the wealth of England is really going, to the elite, to the greedy, to the corrupt. Meanwhile, back up in Scotland, in a few years time, we'll hopefully be happy celebrating Independence Day, perhaps in a brief moment, wondering how the equality debate is progressing down south.

I could post pages of links, but stopped after the few below, they should be enough for anyone seeking a little more information about Scotland and some of the issues regarding the independence debate. If you just want to hear something nice for a change, go straight to the Meja link (I have no idea whatsoever if Meja has an opinion of Scottish independence, or this article, I just like the song, and the lyrics!).

Meja - All about the money (lyrics)

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