Sunday, 12 February 2012

Why Scotland? Panda's Explain.

        "Tian Tian wanted somewhere nice to bring up the cubs," said Yang Guang, grabbing another shoot of bamboo and having a quick nibble.
        "It's true,' said Tian Tian, 'we looked at a few places throughout the world, we didn't want the usual candidates like California, too warm, didn't want an island like the Seychelles or somewhere in the Caribbean, we had an idea of the kind of place we preferred, made a list, and narrowed it down till Scotland became the number one choice. In reality the only choice, the people are so warm and friendly, we knew we would be assured a great welcome, plus there is so much happening in Scotland right now, not just socially, but politically, and geographically. Scotland is heading for a bright new future. What better place to bring up a family?'
       Yang Guang crossed his legs and winked cheekily. 'Y'know, during the Edinburgh festival we can get out and about without the paparazzi clicking cameras around us constantly. There are so many people in costume, that we can walk along and no one bats an eye. The general public, and everyone else for that matter, think we're just here for the events, that perhaps we are part of a show, so it gives us a chance to get around and get to know the people a bit, and it's a joy to be able to have a few drinks in a bar without being harassed. No one even suspected that we had secretly been here on vacation at the Festival last August. If Rosie and Douglas, from Largs, are reading this, ta for the drinks, and keeping the secret.'
        'Of course the spotlight is on us now,' Tian Tian nodded. 'We know everyone likes to see a young couple in love settle down and begin a family, but it is hard to get a bit of privacy sometimes. I'm a bit shy, and Yang Guang, although he likes to show me a great deal of affection, isn't an exhibitionist, so we do like to cuddle up together, but not necessarily in front of the world's media.'
        'I like tartan, and pipe bands,' said Yang Guang. 'But Scotland has so much more than that.'
        'It's the scenery I love,' said Tian Tian, 'when the hills are misted over not long after dawn, it can remind me of the mountains back home.'
        'The football's great, so exciting, though I won't give away what team I follow,' smiled Yang Guang enigmatically, 'though I will say it is not St Mirren, despite our colours. And though not a great fan, I was also a bit disappointed about the rugby score last week.'
        'I do love the enclosure we've got here. I must say, and very green too. Yang Guang and I admire the way that Scotland is leading the world in the promotion and implementation of renewable technology...'
        'Yeah,' interrupted Yang Guang, 'green is the way to go, and the people of Scotland are such creators and innovators.'
        'Scotland has such a lot to offer,' enthused Tian Tian. 'No one cares about the success of Scotland more than the people of Scotland, and everyone that lives here.'
        'We're so glad to have come here, and live here, and independence is the best choice for our future.'
        'Yeah, we're voting yes,' stated Tian Tian, and took the paw of Yang Guang. 'We want our kids to have a bright future.'

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