Sunday, 15 April 2012

The State of the BBC, or the BBC of the State?

There is a widespread knowledge in Scotland that the BBC, especially BBC Scotland, has shown, on countless occasions, a complete bias against the interests of Scotland. This is no where more prevalent than on political issues, and especially in regard to issues involving the Scottish Government and the coming referendum on Scottish independence.

The internet is awash with examples, and in facebook and twitter, the chatter is endless with links, and tweets, and videos, that prove this bias beyond any reasonable doubt. Therefore, it is with 'thanks' that I post the BBC video below that saves me listing a great deal of links to prove my case. It is there, for all to see, straight from the horse's mouth (the horse no doubt one of the nags mentioned in said video to be frightened).

Brian Taylor about Alex Salmond "he wants a contest in as close as possible to the next UK general election because he believes that by then his unionist opponents will be fighting each other rather than fighting independence and Alex Salmond, he wants to sow dissent among them."

"if Scotland decides to leave, that is when the gloves will really come off" says Andrew Neil on the video.

This is a snippet of an in-house video the public was not supposed to see. It shows top BBC political commentators seemingly getting their agreed strategy together on how the BBC will air matters relating to the referendum and slant the information regarding the debate in a way that promotes and empathises the unionist points of view to the detriment of the views of the Scottish Government.

It does nothing to quiet the accusations of anti-Scottish fervour that is gathering momentum in the opinions of the people of Scotland against the BBC, and especially BBC Scotland. The BBC, as a publicly funded body, is supposed to objectively inform and educate the people with news free from bias and manipulation. It clearly fails to do so.

The BBC, it seems, has become a mouthpiece for the UK government, promoting the unionist agenda, demeaning and vilifying any opposition to it, to the extent of secret meetings to plan how to manipulate and distort the views of the Scottish Government and the pro independence position.

Edited clips of the presentation showing Brian Taylor and Andrew Neil

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