Sunday, 6 May 2012

An Independent Television Channel

It is about time that the SNP, preferably along with the help and support of other Pro Independence parties and groups in Scotland, set up a Freeview TV channel, to air the truth and the positive side of the arguments, regarding the issues of an Independent Scotland, to the wider general public.

It is apparent that the SNP and other Pro Independence parties in Scotland, will never get any fair and unbiased attention from the majority of the UK mass media, and especially not from the BBC, and BBC Scotland in particular. They clearly have no intention of showing any impartiality in any aspect of the debate regarding the referendum and the Independence issue. The people in Scotland deserve more, and it is clear that the fair and balanced information and knowledge, that they should have access to as a matter of course in a democratic society, will never happen with the BBC and the majority of the UK mass media.

Not everyone has access to the internet, even in this day and age. A great number of people still receive their daily quota of news from a national newspaper or the television. Unfortunately, most of this media is not always as honest and forthright, at putting across the views of people or groups, that it has no interest in serving. The full story, the other side of the story, the debate from the other side, are all missing. They mostly provide a one-dimensional view that agrees with their standpoint, or portrays only the views and opinions that they are directed to express.

An Independent television channel would provide balanced, topical, and above all, truthful news, to a wider range of the population, it could also become a debating forum by way of viewer participation programmes, and it could be a catalyst for new exciting information and imagery about the wealth of talent and art, innovation and invention, that is abundant in Scotland today, and which could prosper to ever new heights given the support that an Independent Scotland could provide.

It could start initially as an internet channel, spreading to Freeview over a period of time as funds are secured and advertising deals set up. It could start small, a few hours a day, expanding as finance permits. There are a wealth of Scottish interest programmes that could probably be bought cheaply as fillers that could stimulate and interest new viewers to the channel. These interspersed with viewer participation debating programmes, interviews with Scottish Parliamentarians (of all sides), plus invites to business and church leaders, Scottish celebrities, pop and rock stars, etc, could create a channel that has appeal to a broad spectrum of the population, from the very young to the old, the politically active, to raising awareness to the politically indifferent.

Topical news and stories transmitted on this channel would possibly also be picked up and repeated across the spectrum of mass media out with the UK, there would be nothing the BBC or UK unionist printed press could do about this. Original popular programmes and documentaries commissioned may be suitable to be sold on to help with the revenue stream. A campaign asking for donations to raise funds to assist in the set up of such a channel, I believe, would meet with success and have a good response in the way of raising financial assistance, and general support, by a large section of the community of Scotland. Surely it is not by reason of cost that something like this has not been done. If it is the cost, then what would the cost be for such a project? Can we afford not to pursue this type of venture?

To me, an Independent Freeview TV channel would be a win-win. Can we expect fair balanced reporting, on serious issues regarding Scotland, and especially the Independence referendum, by any other means?


  1. Manna from heaven !!! ...excellent piece Stevie.

  2. Interesting but I wonder if the cost of a broadcasting license would be too scary. You'd also be left with the problem of how to publicise it and I doubt if the EBC would give it any publicity! That's another cost right there. Not trying to be a wet blanket here as it's an intriguing idea. I'd imagine there might be a restriction on a political party having its own channel as well, otherwise the main ones would already have them. There's definitely room for a "neutral" channel though. I just want to see balanced reporting, not propagagnda.

    1. I don't know anything about costings, Dave, and I don't think publicity would be a problem, the existing UK press and tv would jump on it from the outset to do it down, inadvertently advertising its existence to all.
      The political party angle may be tricky, unless it was a deliberate joint project, set out as such, and clearly advertised and paper-trailed as being politically neutral in all aspects but independence.
      Something has to be done though, to even the playing field, as balanced reporting is not going to happen this side of independence.

  3. Looks like Ofcom are the key to licensing, etc. This page gives info on fees although it's not exhaustive - There'd also be equipment purchase, software, fees that people would expect for appearing, etc. A very interesting idea though. Worthy of a more detailed analysis by someone within the industry.

  4. Thanks Dave, will have a look, there's a thread discussing this here:

  5. Independence Scotland Channel, sell shares to gather the start up funds. I would buy a couple of £5- shares to hang on my wall. Gold embossed with a picture of wee eck standing in front of the building in Edinburgh. Perhaps newsnet scotland can do a news at ten. Union Myth Busters at 5pm. Have all the kids shouting cracker myth.