Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Coming Soon - Silhouettes

I've decided to serialise my new novel Silhouettes here. I will be posting a few pages weekly till the novel is complete. When a sufficient amount has been published, to make it easier to read from the beginning, I will then publish these extracts, in full, from the start, on my website. I will of course link everything so hopefully it will be easier for the reader to digest.

So, why am I doing this? A few simple answers really.

First, hopefully to introduce my writing to a wider audience. Eventually the full work will be published, either by me, or an interested publisher. However it works out, if anyone desires a full copy of the work in paperback, it will be available to buy in the future.

Second, why not. I spent a great deal of time over this novel, and sending a few dozen pages out to a publisher at a time, perhaps waiting two months for an answer, then repeating the process, and me probably not being the most patient man in the world, well, you can hopefully see what I mean. Get the work some visibility, and see what happens!

Third, the internet is a fantastic place, and there are an abundance of well meaning and good intentioned people out there, and constructive criticism is always welcome, it may or may not be heeded for changes in this particular project, but all good advice is always put away in an easily accessible part of my mind for consideration on future projects.

So, what is Silhouettes about?

Well, no full synopsis here, just a few words to hopefully stimulate some interest.

There is a CIA Agent, undercover in Scotland, A madman, who regards the Agent as an alien. A few Cybernats, A couple of CID police officers, and the novel takes place over a short period of time during the current political situation in Scotland, in the run up to the referendum for independence.

The book opens with Dave Stuart, an undercover CIA Agent in Scotland, sent to investigate Cybernats; who they are, and what bearing they may have regarding US interests, especially if Scotland becomes an independent country. Simon Parker is a madman who has started off by first murdering a young female student, and as the novel progresses, his madness becomes more apparent. He sees the poet Tennyson in periods of stress, and interprets pieces of verse as instructions. He is also convinced Dave Stuart is an alien on earth. He commits more murders as the book progresses.

It is not all horror and political intrigue; there is some humour in there also!

The novel is complete, though there may be a bit of editing or rewriting as I go along, I'm not the greatest proof reader, so there may be an error or two to be weeded out along the way. However, when all is published here, it won't be too different to what anyone who has read the full manuscript has seen.

Timescale? Well, the full novel is approximately 260 pages, around 63,000 words, so posting an average 5 pages per week, it should take a year to read the lot!

The first pages will be posted very soon!


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