Monday, 21 January 2013


Keep Calm and Vote Yes

Let's get out of the UK and leave them to it.

A BIG happy birthday to, which celebrates its first year birthday this week, and I would be willing to bet that since its inception, the viewing figures have gone up and up, unlike some of the opposition unionist blogs(1) that have fell by the wayside and died a slow lingering death, and the circulation figures of most of the pro-union printed editions, which are falling to well below sustainable figures – I expect Dave's fine blog will have less 'rags' to comment about in the near future!

It would be sound though if someone with a bit of knowledge in the ‘rag trade’ decided to launch a decent pro-independence Scottish newspaper, this is probably about the right time out from the referendum to attract and stimulate a decent readership and make such a newspaper a sustainable proposition for years to come. It could become the mainstay Scottish newspaper well into the future of a new independent Scotland, and may hurry the demise of some of the more unsavory editions staining the newsagent counter at the moment. Any millionaires out there looking for investment ideas?

As far as the main pro-union rags output goes, over the year, it’s been more of the same repetitive doom and gloom, interspersed with the odd bombing threat or worse, from this or that Lord(!). Fear, uncertainty, doubt, mingled with predictions of third world status, defenceless and ripe for invasion, and without so much as a candle to light the dark winter night in the family cave. Yes, the scaremongering knows no bounds. I suspect it will continue this way, after all, like unionist politicians, they have nothing remotely positive to say, nothing to offer, the UK is broke, the economy is dire, austerity gets worse, and as the only growing industry seems to be in the foodbank field, people are beginning to realise if this is as good as it gets, then the ‘better together’ message, while UK MPs lust after a 32% wage increase, appears more and more like some sadistic joke.

Let's get out of the UK and leave them to it.

Keep Calm and Break Free
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  1. Cheers for the mention, Stevie. I'd actually forgotten all about Tory Phone Box! Looks like Labour Hame will be next.

    Well done on killing off Shamus as well, the dirty auld bstrd!


    1. Thanks, Dave, you seem to be one of my few avid readers! More shock and horror coming soon :-)