Monday, 9 December 2013

Scotland can find a new way

Scotland can find a new way – All of us first

Is it any coincidence that support for both Scottish independence and also 'The Common Weal' project are growing steadily? Not so when you look around at what is happening in Scottish society today.  Austerity, clampdowns on benefits for the low paid, the poor, the unemployed and disabled, the bedroom tax, the lack of any political opposition to the Tories - the Westminster policies of do-down the vulnerable and weak, reward the bankers and the rich, seem to instil nothing but complicity in the other main parties at Westminster.

The people of Scotland have a chance to escape Westminster greed, corruption, and rot next September, and with the ideas of the Common Weal Project gaining ground, a new political ideal could come to the foreground, paving the way to a better, more equal and fair society. The people of Scotland never voted for the Tories, the Labour party now seem to be more right wing than Thatcher ever was, the Libdems will lie and cheat to keep whatever little bit of power the Tories deem to allow them, and what is left, but UKIP and worse sitting on the fringes but gaining momentum in an unfair and unfit UK. Scotland can find a new way.


"Common Weal is an old Scots phrase meaning both ‘wealth shared in common’ and ‘for the wellbeing of all’. We use it to describe a society that rejects 40 years of grasping, me-first politics, a survival-of-the-richest, winner-takes-all mentality which left us all in second place.

"A Common Weal future is one in which politics puts all of us first. It seeks to get us working together for the benefit of each other, not working against each other for the benefit of a few. It is a politics which believes that to build more we must share more, that if wealth and resource are hoarded by a few it stifles creativity and investment. It is a politics that celebrates and strengthens our welfare state and believes government should reflect the will of the people, not the will of the money markets.

"Every part of the Common Weal agenda has been tried and tested in other countries. It works for others; it can work for us." (source)

I was at a launch party for the new logo and website of the Common Weal at the Arches in Glasgow on Sunday. A fantastic and inspiring event, there was a talk by Robin McAlpine of the Reid Foundation, some comedy and drama, and a rousing DJ, but above all there was an atmosphere of what it was like to be in at the beginning of something you know will be big. The Common Weal is about big ideas, but big ideas that are commonsense and involve everyone, and the new tag line and website say it all in the simplest of terms – ALL OF US FIRST –

A simple click of the above link and you can be there, read a little of how politics and society do not have to be as they are and how things could be, a way forward that puts all of us first, for a change.

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