Sunday, 28 September 2014

Novel, Silhouettes, now published.

Finally got around to publishing Silhouettes on ebook. At the moment it is available at Smashwords here, but soon will be available at all major ebook stores. It is available in all popular ebook formats. A brief description below for anyone who hasn't been following the serialisation in the blog.

There is a CIA Agent, undercover in Scotland, A disturbed individual, who regards the Agent as an alien. A few Cybernats, A couple of CID police officers, and the novel takes place over a short period of time during the current political situation in Scotland, in the run up to the referendum for independence.

The book opens with Dave Stuart, an undercover CIA Agent in Scotland, sent to investigate Cybernats; who they are, and what bearing they may have regarding US interests, especially if Scotland becomes an independent country. Simon Parker is a disturbed young man who has started off by murdering a young female student, and as the novel progresses, his madness becomes more apparent. He sees the poet Tennyson in periods of stress, and interprets pieces of verse as instructions. He is also convinced Dave Stuart is an alien on earth. He commits more murders as the book progresses.

It is not all horror and political intrigue; there is some humour in there also!
Silhouettes Cover

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