Sunday, 7 September 2014


"The decision that we make in three weeks time [10 days now], will define us, this generation, and also the future of the nation. Few societies, anywhere on Earth, have secured this opportunity, to vote themselves into independence. This is an opportunity peacefully at the ballot box, in a process that has been agreed and consented. It's an opportunity that may not come our way again.

"So when we post that ballot in the next few days or go into the polling station, we'll be taking the future of our country into our hands.

"We'll have opportunities as an independent country and the means of taking advantage of them. We'll have challenges as an independent country and we've got to rise to these challenges to solve them. 

"In contrast, all of the No campaign has nothing, absolutely nothing, positive to say about the future of this country. 

"In reality there is only one thing we can guarantee, and this is what a YES vote can guarantee, that in each and every election in an independent Scotland we will get the government that we vote for. The choices that the people of Scotland make will be reflected in policy, and that means that policies and the position of Scotland will be placed in Scottish hands. 

"This referendum is not about me, or Alistair [Darling], or the political parties or the newspapers, or anything. This referendum is about the future of Scotland, and the future of Scotland should be in the hands of the people of Scotland. It's about believing that we can govern ourselves better than anyone else can. We don't need to rise and be a nation again, we only have to vote to believe in ourselves. This is our time, our moment, let's seize it with both hands." (Alex Salmond)

With ten days to go, I'm more positive now than I've been over the past two years that Scotland will do it. Scotland will become an independent country, the people of Scotland will vote to take their destiny in their own hands and vote YES. The people of Scotland will believe in themselves, believe it is their time, their moment, and seize it with both hands. 


If there is any doubt in your mind about how corrupt the Westminister government is, and you need another reason why we need independence, then watch this video of Craig Murray, a former Ambassador, and a diplomat for 20 years.

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