Friday, 19 September 2014

The Song Remains the Same, or does it?

The Song Remains the Same, or does it?

Scotland had the chance yesterday to take control of its own destiny, and despite over 1.6 million voters choosing the YES option on the ballot paper for independence, 2.0 million Scots opted to remain in the union with the UK. Did those 2.0 million vote for more austerity, budget cuts, benefit cuts, a privatised NHS and tuition fees in Scotland. I think most did not...

So, where do we go from here? Well, we all have to accept the result of the referendum and life goes on. We can all bask in the glory of a democratic vote that had an average of 85% of the electorate making the trip to the voting booth, and be proud of the youth of Scotland getting and using the vote for the first time. Despite the fact that Better Together prevailed and London rule remains, they got their result with promises of substantial more powers for the Scottish parliament. We can only now wait and see if these powers are delivered, in the timetable promised, and if they are worth having, for it was not only the 1.6 million that wanted change, the 2.0 million who voted to trust in Westminster will also be expecting promised change, and a change that will improve their lives in Scotland.

Much can be said and analysed about how each campaign was run, and that will no doubt be argued over when the dust settles. The main focus in this day, and in the days ahead, will be for everyone to come together, no matter what way they voted, and put Scotland, and the people of Scotland, first.

Change will be coming, 3.6 million people who voted in Scotland expect it, and will be watching and waiting for it coming down the line. Westminster politics will also be changing. It has to change. 20th century politics are out of date in the 21st. The pro-unionists parties should note this well. The people of Scotland will be watching, and waiting.

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