Friday, 12 September 2014

YES, YES, Time for a YES vote...

Follow the link to Bellacaledonia to view the top 20 shortlisted indy posters. One of such above.

From creative art, to unique and hilarious satire below. The Westminster Red Tory Labour leader, Miliband, described as useful as a 'boil on the scrotum', brought his band of shadow cabinet acolytes up to Glasgow from London to a fine musical accompaniment.

Time for a YES vote. If you want a Labour party in Scotland, vote YES, then vote for an independent Scottish Labour party at the first elections in Scotland, rather than stick with 'Boil on the Scrotum' Miliband. The Westminster Labour party just don't get it. Red Tories the lot of them.

Six days and counting. Are you YES yet? For more information click here.

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