Monday, 17 November 2014

Punisher Out Now!

Punisher, the novel.

Well, after another change of cover, this final cover a wee bit lighter (the original was too dark in some ebook readers), Punisher is now published in both print and ebook form. Available from Amazon, in both paperback and ebook, or Barnes & Noble in paperback, it can be found at Amazon here, and at B & N here, where more information about the book is available, as well as a preview before purchase if desired.

If you can't wait to even click the link above, then start reading the excerpt below...

The place had stunk of death the first time he had entered it. The vileness seeped up from deep underground, seeking air and found it through the grated iron drain in the corner. Nothing could be done about the smell, which came from ancient sewers that ran under the river, and was why the place had lain empty for years, and why he had been able to rent it for such a pittance.

To store his boat was the purpose of the lease, and the closed trailer with the two man canoe inside, had been reversed in the first day. His blue van was parked alongside, the depth of the arch not sufficient for them to be parked trailered together.

Of course the two headless bodies propped in the corner didn't do much to lessen the stench in the place, but neither did they add to it, which was one of the reasons why the railway arch was so attractive a location for what he was undertaking. The arch was one of a series, bricked up both sides, a large bay door on the street side, with a small access door built into that, and rented out by the rail track authority, who owned the railway viaduct. The fact that the railway bridge traversed across the river Clyde made the place even more appealing.

He locked the door behind him, removed his jacket and placed it on a hook of the trailer, and donned his gloves and overalls, then pulled a plastic carrier bag over each shoe and secured it with rubber bands. He grabbed hold of the first body, and hooking his hands under the arms of the headless corpse, lifted it off the floor and swung it against the metal table along the wall.

Heavy bastard, he thought, even without a head. He struggled, gasping for breath, but eventually heaved the body onto the table. The tools he required were already set out, 

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